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Vegetable Samosa (v)  $8
Served with roasted tomato- sweet neem chutney.

Deviled Eggs (v)  $6
Served with pili pili sauce.

Sausage Roll  $8
House made pork sausage kebab, flaky pastry, English mustard, and Picalilly.

The Queens Curry  $10
Scotch Egg wrapped in ground lamb in curry masala.

Keema (v)  $12
Spicy Lamb or Mushroom Keema Baked in our clay pizza oven.

Potato & Lamb Croquettes  $6
Organic ground lamb and potato croquettes served with a goan guamole.

Lentil Soup (v)  $7
Split chickpeas and yellow lentils with vegetable stock.

Ploughman's Platter  (GF) $15
Artisanal cheeses from The Houston Dairymaids served with charcuterie, homemade preserves, deviled egg, Picalilli, crispy flatbread, and fruit.




Grilled Chicken & Asparagus Salad (GF) $11
Chopped salad with marinated grilled chicken over hydroponic romaine lettuce with cherry tomato, English cucumbers, red onions, fresh herbs, asparagus, goat cheese croutons in a Tarragon dressing.

Hydroponic Greens Salad (v) (GF) $9
Mixed Hydroponic greens, cashews, tomato, avocado, red onion, green apple, and berries in a Mango vinaigrette.

Caeser Salad & Rashers of Bacon  $9
Hydroponic baby Romaine, shaved parmesean, spiced croutons, thick cut Zoe's bacon spears.

Queens House Salad (v) (GF) $7
House blend greens, cherry tomato, red onion, English cucumber, and avocado Champagne vinaigrette.




Homemade Tandoor cooked flatbreads rolled with cilantro chutney.
Choice of vegetable crisps, House cut Chips, or side Salad.

Lamb K-bob  $12
lettuce, tomato, raita, and pickled peppers.

Tandoori Chicken  $10
lettuce, tomato, raita, and pickled peppers

Mushroom Keema & Paneer (v)  $9
red cabbage, raita, and fresh cilantro.




Choice of vegetable crisps, House cut Chips, or side Salad.

Pukka Dog  $9
Moroccan Merguez sausage grilled and served on a Pretzel bun w/ grain mustard and marinated peppers.

A.B.L.T. Chicken Bun  $12
7 spice rubbed chicken breast char broiled and served with Avocado, Bacon, Lettuce, and tomato on Brioche bun.

Queen Vic's Veggie Burger (v) $10
Our vegetable chickpea & mushroom burger topped with English cheddar cheese, lettuce, house made pickles, and tomato chutney. Served on a wheat bun .

English Burger $11
In house ground beef blend, homemade B&B pickles, English cheddar, Coleman's mustard, and red onion. Served on oversized toasted English Muffin. Served with house cut "chips"....add Zoe's bacon $2.00

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich  $11
Chicken salad with house-made curry masala aioli, blueberry, vegetables, cashews, lettuce and tomato on Pretzel roll.

Grilled Ham & Pimento Cheese  $10
Grilled ham & cheese sandwich with pan au mie, premium sliced ham, Pimento & Gouda cheese and crisps.

Beef Anna Sandwich  $14
A gastropub classic. Grilled marinated beef tenderloin served on toasted French roll with grilled onions, arugula, horseradish aioli, and blue cheese.




Colonial Shephards Pie (GF) $15
Braised ground New Zealand lamb in aromatics and fresh ground spices, topped with herb whipped potatoes topped with English cheddar.

Royal Fish & Chips   $15
Fresh catch of the day dipped in a house spiced beer batter and fried golden with fresh cut fries and condiments.

Sausage and Mash $17
Wild Boar sausages, confit onion, herbed olive oil whipped potatoes, Shiraz demi glace.




Cauliflower gratin (v)  $6
Baked potato and cauliflower mash with bread crumbs and Texas cheddar.

House cut "chips" (v) $4
w/ fresh ground spice mix.

Seasonal Veggie of the day $4

Queen's Side Salad $4

Vegetable Crisps $4

18 % Gratutity will be applied to tables of 6 or more.

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