Bar Bites

Vegetable Samosa (v) $8
Served with roasted tomato- sweet neem chutney.

Short Rib Samosa $9
Beer braised short rib with tamarind-sweet and sour chutney.

Peanut Chicken Tikka (GF) $10
Free Range chicken breast pieces marinated in yogurt and spices, then roasted in Tandoor oven. Tossed with spiced crushed peanuts and served with Raita.

Sausage Roll $8
House made pork sausage kebab, flaky pastry, English mustard, and Picalilly.

Three Chili and cashew Paneer (v) $12
Paneer cheese cubes pan roasted with 3 chili's and cashews in a tomato based curry. Served with raita and naan.

Balchão Curry w/ Coconut-Basmati & crab Kofta $14
Crispy coconut Basmati rice croquettes filled with spiced lump crab and served over Goan spicy red curry. Topped with Boondi raita. *(Curry Crawl 2012 WINNER. (Grand Prize and & peoples choice)

Yucca pilli pilli Chips (v) (GF) $7
Yucca fries tossed in our pilli pilli spice with Goan guacomole.(v)

Goan Prawn Curry with Okra (GF) $12
Large Shrimp and lump crabmeat simmered in coconut milk curry with fried Okra.

Prawn & Vegetable Bhajia $10

Chickpea battered shrimp and vegetables. Served with saffron rouille. Available in all Vegetable. (v)

The Queens Curry $10
Scotch Egg wrapped in ground lamb in curry masala.

Saag Pizza(v) $12
Fresh spinach, curried tomato, Paneer, herbed lemon-scented goat cheese and mozzarella. Baked in our clay pizza oven.


Hydroponic Greens Salad (v) (GF)$9
Mixed Hydroponic greens, cashews, tomato, avocado, red onion, green apple, and berries in a Mango vinaigrette.

Queens House Salad (v) (GF)$7
House blend greens, cherry tomato, red onion, English cucumber, and avocado Champagne vinaigrette.

Baby Bibb Salad (GF)$10(v)

Organic Bibb lettuce, cherry tomato, English cucumber, red onion, candied walnuts deviled egg, and Zoe's bacon. Served with a creamy tarragon dressing and blue cheese.

Caeser Salad & Rashers of Bacon $9

Hydroponic baby Romaine, shaved parmesean, spiced croutons, thick cut Zoe's bacon spears.


Onion Ale Soup with Cheesy Crouton $8
Caramelized onions, beef stock, and Ale.

Mullingtawny Soup (GF) $7
Anglo-Indian soup with chicken, lentils, chili, apple, zucchini, coconut milk, and mushrooms.

Lentil Soup (v) (GF) $7
Split chickpeas and yellow lentils with vegetable stock


Royale with Cheese $13
House ground beef burger topped with onion rings, Gruyere cheese, and fried egg. Served on Brioche bun.

Queen Vic's Veggie Burger (v) $10
Our vegetable chickpea & mushroom burger topped with English cheddar cheese, lettuce, house made pickles, and tomato chutney. Served on a wheat bun.

English Burger $11
In house ground beef blend, homemade B&B pickles, English cheddar, Coleman's mustard, and red onion. Served on oversized toasted English Muffin. ...add Zoe's Bacon $2.00.

Indian Kebab Burger $14
Masala spiced ground lamb burger,Texas blue goat cheese, tomato, shredded red cabbage, tomato chutney, butter lettuce, Raita, on naan bun.


Sausage and Mash $17
Wild Boar sausages, confit onion, herbed olive oil whipped potatoes, Shiraz demi glace.

Hanger Steak & Rocket (GF) $18
Grilled Hanger steak marinated in Dijon, fresh herbs, and spices. Served with organic arugula and red cabbage with creamy Blue cheese and roasted garlic dressing.

Beef Wellington $27

6 oz beef tenderloin seared and topped with lamb kebob sausage, mushroom duxelle, and sautéed spinach. Wrapped in puff pastry and baked to order with Madeira wine demi-glace. Served with olive oil whipped potatoes and veg of the day

Royal Fish and Chips $15
Fresh Icelantic Cod fish dipped in a house spiced beer batter and fried golden with fresh cut fries and condiments.

Colonial Shepherd's Pie (GF) $15
Braised ground New Zealand lamb in aromatics and fresh ground spices, topped with herb whipped potatoes topped with English cheddar.

Madeiran Meat K-Bob (serves 2 ppl) (GF) $32

12 ounces of marinated grass fed beef tenderloin kabobs. Served on the skewer hanging table side. Accompanied with Naan bread, house cut chips & vegetables of the day.

Our Curries are made in-house with toasted ground spices and slow simmered masala.

Tandoori Chana Paneer Curry (v) (GF) $13
A chickpea and paneer vegetarian curry, spiced with tandoori masala.

Garden eggplant & tofu curry (v) (GF) $12
A vegetarian curry with roasted eggplant & firm tofu in mildy spiced tomato ginger masala.

Goan Fisherman's Curry $15
Fresh catch of the day, prawns, crabmeat, and vegetables in our coconut curry with lemongrass.

Beef Kofta Korma $13
Texas grass fed longhorn ground beef meatballs with fresh ground spices, braised in a cashew nut korma masala.

Lamb Vindaloo (GF) $14

Slow braised leg of lamb in a pili pili masala with root vegetables and toasted spices.


Yogurt RAITA-w/tomato . $2sm/ $7 Lrg.

Naan (v)/ Bullet Naan . $3/ $4

Basmati Kitchuri (v) $3 sm./ 5 Lg.
Aged rice from the Himalyan mountains, steamed with toasted cumin and moong bean

Tandoor Chicken Breast Tikka or Tandoor Shrimp $5

Chutney (v) $2ea./$7 for a flight
Cilantro, Roasted Tomato-sweet neem, Tamarind sweet & sour, Goan guacamole, or Spicy pili-pili.

House cut "chips" (v) $4
w/ fresh ground spice mix.

Cauliflower gratin (v) $6
Baked potato and cauliflower mash with bread crumbs and Texas cheddar.

See server for chef's nightly features.
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18% Gratuity will be applied to parties of 6 or more.



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